Letting Go

Stasia has been attracted to Jaxon Kent since she started working at the same law firm. Over the past two years, this attraction has slowly grown into an obsession, but she’s heard strange rumors about Jaxon’s sex life. These rumors that make her think that he could never go for a normal girl like her.

She takes a desperate gamble that puts both her career and her heart at risk, maybe even more. Soon she finds herself caught up a new world of bondage and boundaries, of secret societies and sexual exploration.

What will she risk to be with Jaxon? How far will she go, and are the pleasures worth the price?

“Letting Go” is the first erotic novel published by, one of the web’s oldest and longest-running adult entertainment sites and premier online destinations for BDSM content. This intensely erotic novel was written by author, webmaster, and AVN nominated producer Kelli Roberts, along with talented author Richard Bacula. Together, they have presented a story that explores love and obsession, pleasure and pain, secrets and lies, and the ways that all of these things can intersect.

Satisfied by a Stegosaurus

Inspired by true events!!!

Layla’s quest to save her tribe takes her to the Valley Of The Giant Lizards, where she must perform a sacred ritual in order to gain enough power to defeat her tribe’s enemies.

Warning: This 10,000 word story contains graphic and unusual sexual encounters, and is not appropriate for readers under the age of eighteen.

One Eyed, One Horned

Nadine saw the thing coming out of the sky. By the time she realized that it was coming at her, that it was coming after her, it was too late.

Unable to escape, Nadine finds herself at the mercy of a strange creature, but what could it possibly want from her…?

An Innocent Haircut

The sexy woman cutting the hot young man’s long, gorgeous hair keeps leaning up against him provocatively. Is it an innocent mistake? Or does she have something more in mind?

Warning: this 9,200 word story contains graphic sex. Adults only! Intended for readers eighteen and older.

The Lonely Weekend

Jack’s wife is out of town, which means that Jack is in for a long, lonely weekend without her.

She left him a pizza warming in the oven, according to her note, and a surprise for Jack upstairs.

What on Earth could the surprise be?


Now that the college semester is over, Chris is dating his former student Amy. While they are on a romantic getaway hiking trip in the forest, they are attacked by a female werewolf with only one thing on her mind.

When Amy flees in terror, Chris is left to the mercy of the rapacious beast.

Warning: This 13,300+ word story contains graphic situations and language that is inappropriate for anybody under the age of eighteen.


Lonely virgin Giselle goes into the unisex bathroom to wash her hands, but instead encounters a unicorn, and experiences firsthand the powers and pleasures of unicorn magic.

The Sneaky Snowplow

Newly-single Amy is looking to have lots of fun, now that she’s single again. She wants to do all the kinky things that she’s never tried before.

Her friends Eric and Veronica want to help Amy out; they just don’t want her to know that it’s them!

Ferrari Snowday

It’s Friday, and all classes are canceled because of the snowstorm. Lily Kelly and Chris Green decide to blow off some pent-up steam in Chris’ Ferrari.

Who knows where the day will take them?

The Octopunishment

After insulting a man who turns out to be the Greek god Zeuss, Bridget Walsh is condemned to an afterlife of eternal torment at the hands of Kýrios Chtapódi, the Octopus Lord, an octopus the size of a mountain.

After countless years in this afterlife, Bridget finally thinks that she knows a way of escape, but dare she take it?

And will she make it?

Corn Hold

A lonely woman assumes that she’ll be spending Halloween night alone, again. Instead, she finds herself in for the strangest, most erotic evening of her life.

Anthologies and the Serpent’s Gifts series

Short Strokes: The Complete Collection

Short Strokes 1 Playing Games

Short Strokes 2 Playing Hard

Short Strokes 3 Strange Encounters

Short Strokes 4 Friendly Fun

Short Strokes 5 Short Seductions

Short Strokes 6 Work Hard, Play Hard

Short Strokes 7 Getting Strange

Short Strokes  8 On the Job

Short Strokes: 9 Finishing Last


Serpent’s Gifts Stories:

It started on December 21, 2012, in the sky over Mexico. Tens of thousands of feet in the air, there was a bright flash of light, and a glowing miles-wide disc of energy appeared. Minutes later, something emerged: the head of a snake-like creature nearly filled the portal’s huge diameter.

The head was followed by a body, which was followed by more body. On and on, a giant serpent flowed out of the portal, snaking its way through the sky.
Humanity took notice, and world-wide panic took place. Airplanes were grounded, and the whole planet waited to see what would happen next.

The seemingly endless Serpent ignored humanity’s attempts at communication and violence, and its flight around the globe was uninterrupted. Eventually, the Serpent reached its destination: the other side of the very portal that it emerged from, completing the circle it began.

When the Serpent’s head touched the glowing disc, a blinding flash of fire covered the entire planet. When the flames finally disappeared, they took the Serpent and the portal with it, and that was the only thing that they seem to have affected. The rest of the world appeared to be unscathed.

It took some time, but soon the truth started becoming apparent: the Serpent might have gone, but it left something behind. People across the planet started manifesting strange, superhuman powers and abilities that seemed to break the laws of physics.
These abilities soon came to be known as “The Serpent’s Gifts.”

These superhero erotica tales follow what happens next.

Bait & Switch

Betty Bateman knew that she shouldn’t have taken that turn down the dark alley, but she was in a hurry to get home with the extra tip money she’d earned. When she get attacked by a group of criminals after her cash, a mysterious man armed with a lash shows up to save her. Then things quickly heat up.

The Golden Cat

Daisy Flores didn’t want to visit the gynecologist. She’d never been before, and she’d rather never have to go, but now that she was 18 years old, she needed a checkup in order to get into college.

She was nervous, but what could go wrong?

The doctor and nurse were experienced professionals. They’d seen pretty much everything, so there shouldn’t have been any surprises.

Except there was a surprise. The doctor may have thought he’d seen it all, but nothing prepared him for…

The Golden Cat!


Turner is handcuffed to a chair while a rogue female cop tries to find out where his stash of drugs is hidden. Specifically, she’s looking for his stash of Interrobang, a new party drug that has been unleashed onto the streets and clubs of Gold City, Nevada.

The cop doesn’t suspect that she’s already been dosed, and Turner doesn’t suspect that he’ll be next, and neither one of them has a clue that this interrogation is going to be quickly turned into something else entirely.

Multiple O

Olivia Sims is trying to look at herself in the mirror, when something extraordinary happens: her image leaves the mirror, and joins her in the real world.

Now there are two of her, and Olivia takes the opportunity to get to know herself better.
A LOT better.


Clara Graves is on vacation in Florida with her family, taking a break from college over the summer.

While at the beach, Clara discovers new abilities that are tied to the ocean as well as to the lust of a complete stranger. Her life will never be the same, and in the long run, neither will the world.


Jenna Ingram is in a compromising position. A man named H-Dog, a drug dealer and a former friend of her son, is taking advantage of her accidental addiction to the new drug Interrobang. First he wanted one thing from her, now it’s something extra. Jenna isn’t in a good position, but when all is said and done, she might just have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Codename: Sex Machine

Hazel Holloway has been working on a secret project ever since The Day of the Snake, and she needs her roommate Emily Edwards to help her test it out.

Soon, the two friends are experimenting with virtual reality, bio-feedback, and each other.


Tom oversleeps for work, only to find when he gets there that nobody else is there. In fact, he didn’t even see anybody else on the streets. Tom quickly realizes that he might be the last person on Earth.

Is this a blessing, or a curse?
Ever dog has his day, and so does Tom.

Hard Cash

Kent Sullivan is down on his luck. He’s just been fired from his job as a dishwasher in Gold City, Nevada, and he’s down to his last $20. He decides to blow the cash at a strip club, only to discover that it might not be his last $20 at all, and he might not be as down on his luck as he thought.

With the help of a stripper named “Bambie,” Kent navigates his way through some strange circumstances, hoping that his sudden stroke of inexplicable good fortune doesn’t come just as inexplicably to a swift end.

Hard Cash #2

Kent Sullivan wakes up with a horrible hangover, a mountain of money, and a stripper named Bambie.

His life is going amazingly good, hangover aside, but as Kent struggles to fully recover from the night before–with the help of Bambie–he wonders how and when things are going to go horribly wrong.

They always do.

Joe Average

Years after the Day of the Serpent, many of the Gifted use their abilities for their own personal gain, often by breaking the law. Other men and women use their abilities to combat injustice, to fight criminals, and to protect the innocent.

One of these crime-fighters is a costumed man known only as Joe Average. He does his job pretty well, seeking no other reward than to see justice done.
But sometimes there are other perks to the job.

Granite Jack

In a very short time, Jack Lawson had gone from being a fat guy with a limp to being a ripped guy with about two percent body fat. He had gone from girls mostly looking away from him, to nearly causing car wrecks if he carelessly went jogging without a shirt on. He went from being a lonely guy who never had much luck with girls, to being a lonely guy who could get laid anytime he wanted. His secret? He had a Gift.

Jack can heal extraordinarily fast. He no longer fatigues, which allows him to work out all day, every day, if he chooses. In one of these workouts, he meets a gym-bunny named Sara, and the two of them hit it off.

Jack’s new abilities aren’t without problems, but they give him far more than they take.